At OfficeLingua we offer a professional and personal Virtual Assistant service. Our highly efficient interpreting, document translation and secretarial services provide the perfect, cost-effective solution to all your business needs.

We are approved by The Institute of VAs

If you ...

need someone to act as an interpreter during a meeting, conference, seminar or course;
run an international business and need someone who can liaise with your clients in Spanish or Portuguese as well as English;
need professional translations from and into English, Spanish or Portuguese, or just need to understand incoming mail from your international clients;
are a consultant, sole trader or small business that doesn’t need or cannot justify in-house full time or part time admin support, but still need help with your business administration;
or if you are simply spending too long dealing with your business administration when you could be generating revenue instead ...
OfficeLingua Can Help!

Leave your administrative and secretarial work to us and free your time to concentrate on what you like and do best. Our Virtual Assistants work to very high standards, giving you the confidence to leave things in our hands. We will never knowingly accept a job which cannot be delivered to these standards or on time to meet a deadline.

The document translation and interpreting services (from and into English, Spanish, and Portuguese) provided by our highly skilled language translators and interpreters, are second to none.

Just let us know your requirements and we will discuss the best way to meet your needs.
You only pay for the time and services you use, as often or as little as you may need them.

Fill in the enquiry form in our contact us section and we will contact you to discuss your requirements without obligation. Alternatively, e-mail us at info@officelingua.com.

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